Planting Your Seed Paper


How to plant your seed paper!


  1. Take a photo of the information on the page and save for future reference. 
  2. Sow your seed paper outdoors during the months of April, May or June. Your flowers should bloom during July, August & September!
  3. Fill a flowerpot with soil over half way, or prepare a bed in the garden. Place your seed paper, add 3cm of soil on top & pat gently. 
  4. Water until the soil & paper are nice & damp, but do not over-water! During the first 10 days, try to keep the paper moist at all times. This is essential for germination so that the seeds can detach themselves from the paper. 
  5. Once sprouts appear, continue to keep watering gently, but be careful not to over-water. 
  6. Let it grow! Once the plants get bigger and begin to flower, continue to water as needed.

What if the seed paper does not grow?? 
The seeds may not have germinated as expected due to a number of factors. These seeds have been through a number of processes to implant them in the paper & could have been damaged in the process, as they are still living things!
Otherwise, the earth may not have been kept wet enough for the first 10 days, or your soil could have been old & not rich enough in nutrients. 
It is also recommended not to plant the paper in Winter or Spring, as the weather may still be too cold. If you receive the paper during these times of year, keep it until summer to plant.