Our Commitment


Sustainability (Definition): Conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.

Sustainable fashion can be a complicated phrase, because to sustain something means to maintain it, to keep it alive. To sustain a fashion business indefinitely, there must be no room in the supply chain for the raw materials to run out, for the land or water to be irreparably contaminated or for people to be exploited in the manufacturing process. Humans, plants, oil, animals, land and water are all natural resources that we need to conserve to slow down global warming and species extinction.

To sustain our planet, to keep it alive, we must do our best to avoid depleting these resources and preserve our environment for many generations to come.

At Laoise Carey Studio, being environmentally conscious and ethical in all of our manufacturing processes are key principles in the design process.


Laoise Carey Studio is committed to sharing a passion for and appreciation of the hand crafts that constitute our clothing: draping, tailoring, pattern making, sewing, weaving, embroidery and lacemaking.

Our goal is to create positive impact in the fashion industry by inspiring consumers to enter the world of fashion history, learn about the textiles that make up our clothing and appreciate the skill involved in generations of hand-crafted garments.

Art and craft are crucially important aspects of our world; we should nurture these niche artisan skills to ensure they are not lost, but celebrated for decades to come.


Laoise Carey Studio material choices are driven by a desire to utilise what already exists in the world rather than creating constant newness. The majority of fabrics are hand-selected from antique stores, vintage markets, car boot sales, remnant bins, auntie’s attics and charity shops. Our fabrics are sourced in tiny quantities, and patterns amended to fit the scraps and differences specific to each piece. In this way, we aim to prevent these textiles from going to landfill by upcycling them into something special to be worn, loved and appreciated for many years to come.  

Our only condition is that we will never cut historical garments or textiles which are still perfect for use as they are; many of our antique textiles are salvaged pieces that came from items beyond repair or remnants which were never made into a garment.

All fabrics have been painstakingly handwashed and stains treated to the best of our ability. Sometimes Laoise Carey Studio pieces still have noticeable imperfections, but we believe that this is an exciting part of the history of a textile that tells stories about how old it is, and how it has been worn and loved in the past. Clothing and textiles are not perfect, nor are they supposed to be worn perfectly.

Haberdashery such as buttons, zips, elastics, linings, padding and labels are the only components that we purchase brand-new, if a second hand or vintage equivalent cannot be found.


Many Laoise Carey Studio garments are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces; they cannot be replicated in the exact same fabric. We do not work with any mills or factories for mass production; everything is hand crafted in-house. In this way, the garments preserve their authenticity and we can ensure that each piece is given the care and attention it needs.


Laoise Carey Studio garments are designed to have as little impact on the earth as possible, so that we can help create a more positive future for our planet.