The Environment

We Are NOT A Sustainable Brand 


Words I like to use to describe Laoise Carey Studio include:

Environmentally Friendly

Ethically Made

Kind to the Earth

Hand Crafted

Lovingly Designed

Slowly Perfected


I am not really interested in buzzwords like 'sustainable' here; I am more interested in honesty and transparency. I believe that if fashion design and manufacturing processes are ethical and environmentally friendly, then the fashion industry can be sustained long into the future. 


Materials for each collection are gathered from car boot sales, flea markets, vintage shops and antique sellers. Each fabric and notion must be sourced, washed and prepared for use before it can be cut and crafted into your beautiful new (repurposed) item of clothing.

Laoise Carey collections are close to 90% made from vintage textiles like curtains, bed spreads, tea towels, fabric remnants and antimacassars. I also use a limited amount of deadstock fabrics, organic cottons and factory-remnant textiles.

I use ‘virgin’ textiles and notions as sparingly as possible, such as threads, zips, linings and fusible interfacing, ensuring that my upcycled garments can be finished to the highest possible standards.

Because of my commitment to not buying large rolls of new fabric, each garment made is either unique or one-of-a-few. This means I cannot re-stock a fabric that has sold out.  Where possible, I make one garment for our website and offer a small quantity in a custom size, made to order for you. 


I hope to encourage you to care for the environment as much as I do, and to share your values through the clothes that you wear.